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Medical consultation and treatment 24/7

We are pioneers in telemedicine and have 30 years of experience in communications, healthcare, and the treatment of our patients. Thanks to our competent team of doctors, someone is always available for all your health questions.

Personal and comprehensive treatment

Our experienced doctors will advise and treat you personally via alloMed and medipole CTAs by phone or video. They listen to you and respond to your particular concerns. In about half of all cases, our doctors can provide complete treatment for you on the phone or video. In the event that a final treatment is not possible, Medipole CTAs  Partner Network is a Swiss-wide network of primary care providers, specialists, clinics, pharmacies, chiropractors and therapists who can provide you with quick automated appointments and seamless support.

High quality

All our specialists are specially trained for telemedicine work and observe our tried and tested medical guidelines. This guarantees high quality advice and treatment with telemedicine.

Satisfied patients

Your satisfaction is important to us. That's why we're proud to say that 95% of our patients are satisfied with our services.

lsabelle Wermelinger

I received very competent advice without a long wait. Thank you very much for your great support - I’m really impressed by Medgate

Family Dacherl

Medgate has spared me a trip to the doctor on several occasions – as a mother of two daughters this is a tremendous relief.

Daniel Brechbühl

My consultation at Medgate was competent and friendly, and I felt that I was taken seriously. Thank you for your commitment!

Alternative insurance models

Many Swiss health insurers rely on alloMed’s many years of experience. Our partners offer our services to their customers in various insurance models. In the Telmed, Flexmed or Multiple Access models, alloMed is your first contact for health concerns. We not only assist you around the clock, but you also benefit from a premium discount from your health insurer.

We prefer to be in touch with our patients instead of relying 100% on artificial intelligence, in alloMed in we believe that nothing could replace human contact, especially when we are sick.

Our partners

Our doctors

At alloMed and Medipole you will be advised and treated by experienced authorized doctors in Switzerland of a variety of specialties. All our doctors are specially trained for telemedicine and take time for personal and competent care.

Doctor Medipole Tele Clinic

"Telemedicine is ideal for people who find it difficult to visit a doctor's practice for professional, personal or other reasons. As a telemedicine doctor, my job is not just to listen to the patient, but to see him and his concerns as a whole - even if I can only do so over the phone."

Doctor alloMed

"Telemedicine offers patients a wide range of consultation services in all medical matters – both in emergencies and in numerous less urgent health issues. The treatment is also prompt, available around the clock and almost anywhere in the world."


Years of experience
Authorised Doctors
100% accepted
Happy Patients

Frequently asked questions about the Medgate Tele Clinic

alloMed is a medical product that gives you access to our telemedicine and digital health services. You can use these services for yourself and your children. alloMed offers a patient-specific benefit in the form of a recommendation for a consultation with an appropriate service provider (alloMed or family doctor) as well as an indication of the consultation’s urgency. This is based on the symptoms entered and the profile data. You can also store your health data and connect wearables, apps or sensors to alloMed.

Yes. All our doctors have several years of clinical experience, are specially trained in telemedicine and undergo an annual examination. The telemedicine doctors are supported in their work by state-of-the-art information and communications technology.
Teleconsultations with a Medgate doctor are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – also from countries outside Switzerland.
The consultation will be billed in the context of health insurance as part of the statutory benefits (analogous to a visit to a doctor’s office) and is recognized by all Swiss health insurers. Teleconsultation costs are an average of CHF 50 during business hours on weekdays. Surcharges apply from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. at night as well as on weekends and holidays.
If medically appropriate, the Medgate doctor can issue a medical certificate after a telephone consultation. Medical certificates are issued at the discretion of the doctor and are subject to strict guidelines. The guidelines for the issue of a medical certificate can be found here.
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