alloMed ?

alloMed is an application designed and created by doctors, medical centers and patients.  This application is innovative and efficient; thanks to studies conducted by doctors and patients.

Medipole ?

Medipole has developed this application with renowned medical partners in order to create assisted telemedicine centers (ATC) because some patients need to be assisted by health professionals during a teleconsultation. These assisted teleconsultation centers (ATC) allow patients optimal care. You can choose the closest ATC to you in the alloMed app.

UBIC Telemedicine

An online doctor with or without an appointment

From your work, home or from abroad consult a doctor with or without appointment. Our application is here to meet your health concerns.

Assisted Telemedicine Centre

Consult a doctor in an assisted telemedicine centre

Make an appointment at an assisted telemedicine centre to be assisted by a health professional during your teleconsultation.


Find an available specialist near you

Find a specialist near you with our list of specialists available quickly for alloMed patients.

Emergency telemedicine

Immediate medical teleconsultation with an available doctor

In the event of a non-life-threatening emergency, consult a doctor who is available immediately online.

Telemedicine travel

Medical teleconsultation from abroad

You can finally travel quietly by having access to a teleconsultation with a doctor in Switzeland.

In your language

Find a doctor who speaks your language

Our platform allows you to choose a doctor according to the languages he masters.


Telemedicine to facilitate access to care is a real solution in many situations: for patients with mobility problems, living in medical deserts, having difficulty finding a doctor quickly but also in the event of an epidemic as we have experienced with covid-19.

Telemedicine has developed rapidly following Covid 19, which has completely disrupted the healthcare system worldwide and in Switzerland.

Daily health problems

Consult a doctor

Thanks to alloMed, choose a doctor online and consult from the desired location.

Chronic disease monitoring

Consult a doctor

Thanks to alloMed you have a regular follow-up of your disease.

Serious health problems

Online medical follow-up

Thanks to alloMed you have regular follow-up by medical specialists.

Health Services

Telemedicine service through our alloMed platform and assisted telemedicine service run by Medipole SA

General medicine

General medicine and family doctors, the first to treat you.

Medical emergencies

Simple medical emergency, in no way replaces the standard emergency service.


Specialists for a first consultation or treatment.

Mental health

Department of Psychology and Psychiatry.

Department of Ophthalmology

Department of phthalmologists.

Reduced mobility

In order to save you displacement, telemedicine plays a crucial role.


Medicines delivered at home.


Delegation to radiology centers.


Fast and efficient laboratory services.

The alloMed platform is the solution for good health

Telemedicine: an effective complementary response to facilitate access to care?

Waiting times to see a doctor and their scarcity are all obstacles to access to care today. Telemedicine, accessible to all and reimbursed by health insurance, helps to reduce these imbalances in order to improve access to care for patients in Switzerland. In addition, telemedicine relieves medical emergencies and hospitals.


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