alloMed App

With a doctor at your disposal on your alloMed app, you are reassured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The advantages of alloMed

Telemedicine consultation 24/7

Medical certificates and medical prescriptions

Personal treatment plan directly in the app

Choose your doctor according to his language

Save your favorite doctors and information

Connect your devices, apps and sensors

Evaluate doctors and recommend them

Consult during your travels

Fully secure application

With alloMed, you can consult doctors at home, in the office or even at your vacation spot. Our team of doctors is at your disposal to consult through our application.

Preparation of prescriptions, medical certificates and prescriptions
Once the consultation is complete, if the doctor deems it necessary, you will receive your medical certificate and/or prescription directly in the alloMed app.
Travel safely
Thanks to the alloMed app, you have access to a doctor in Switzerland and can rest assured.
Family doctor
You can choose a doctor who will become your family doctor and follow your medical record
Medical records
alloMed manage your medical record through the DEP, which is now the best way to manage your health throughout Switzerland.
Share your health data with alloMed doctors
During a teleconsultation, doctors include your health data when necessary and can thus better advise and treat you.
Safety by an experienced doctor
vous serez traité par des médecins expérimentés. alloMed garanti que les médecins sont autorisés à pratiquer en Suisse.
Follow-up of your medical record
If you authorize them, doctors can follow up on your medical record through the EPR.
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Discover the digital medical consultation in video


Patient satisfaction

Evaluating doctors giving stars


AlloMed is an application that provides access to a telemedicine service. You can use these services for yourself or for your children.  

With alloMed you can make an appointment for an online teleconsultation. You can also receive the necessary documents (medical certificate, prescription, treatment plan) directly and securely on alloMed. With alloMed you can consult doctors from home, in the office or even from your vacation spot. 

You can connect your instruments, apps and sensors to alloMed and share the data entered with doctors. They will be able to rely on this data during the teleconsultation and treat you as well as possible. Treatment takes these data into account when doctors consider it medically necessary. 

You can use alloMed as if you were in Switzerland. Since it is an application, it works from anywhere, you just need to have an internet connection.

In mild cases, telemedicine lends itself well to their resolution. Indeed, doctors very often manage to solve the problem by video consultation. If the doctor has any doubts about your state of health, he will let you know immediately and refer you to the emergencies or a specialist. It should be noted that our telemedicine service is not suitable in case of vital emergency, for this please contact 144. 

Allomed complies with the current data protection regulations. All data is encrypted and transmitted securely. To ensure this, alloMed has partnered with big names in the field of cybersecurity.  

AlloMed requires a continuous connection to the internet. Please check your internet subscription to ensure a high data volume.

All you have to do is enter the accesses you created when you registered.

Our customer service center will be happy to answer your questions from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00, through the chat functionality on the website.

These costs are the responsibility of the alloMed user. Please note that use abroad may incur higher rates. Check with your telephone operator about roaming charges.

We recommend updating your smartphone’s operating system to the latest version of alloMed. By enabling automatic updating, you will always have the latest version of the application. If problems persist, please contact our customer service from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00, through the chat functionality on the website.

Teleconsultation is more personalized than a phone call. Depending on the problem to be treated, the video helps doctors make a much more accurate diagnosis. 

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