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Your daily work with us

Your choice
Becoming an alloMed doctor allows you to create weekly time slots that can be changed from one week to the next. You can also decide if you ^are available for emergencies at night and on weekends without having to announce yourself beforehand.
At Allomed you have no obligation of hours to do, you choose totally freely your own schedules.
Famfily life
You decide the days and hours you give to telemedicine.
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Your own schedules

Change your daily life, enjoy your children, beautiful sunny days and finally have the quality of life you want. With the choice of your schedules, you decide your working time and free time.

Don't be alone !

The alloMed community allows you to feel surrounded by other health professionals. Thanks to alloMed you have direct contact with your colleagues and other health professionals.

A close connection with your colleagues and health professionals

alloMed is the ideal application to exchange between doctors, with the laboratory, with the radiology center. Thanks to allomed you exchange and receive in real time the information you need.

Individual decisions

We impose absolutely nothing, you are completely free in your medical practice.

Become an alloMed doctor and enjoy your freedom

Do not hesitate, contact us!

How to work with alloMed?



Send an email to indicating your professional contact details.


Required documents

You will receive a personalized e-mail asking you for all the documents we need to guarantee that you are a doctor practising in Switzerland with all the relevant authorisations.


Signing contracts

Once the documents are received, you will receive the necessary contracts for the creation of your account as a doctor with all the contractual conditions.


Welcome to alloMed!

We will train you in the use of the alloMed platform so that you can start teleconsultations. Welcome to our team !

Join our team

Contact us!

Benefits for Doctors

  • Benefit from the strength of the medical network
  • Benefit from the concentration of activity in one place; all necessary prectiptions
  • Benefit from the support of health insurance companies
  • Be part of a health group
  • Billing throughout Switzerland
  • Enjoy patient notes professionally and internally on the allomed mobile and web application
  • Fill your agenda and get more patients
  • Help reduce healthcare costs by avoiding the price of a translator and offer your consultations in the languages you speak
  • Offer your consultation services to Swiss policyholders abroad
  • Take advantage of an extension of medical procedures by an online health partner
  • Take advantage of our mobile application system to declare your availability and offer local care to patients
  • Travel saving, work from wherever you want
  • Visibility and transparency throughout Switzerland
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