Important partnerships to help physicians and benefit patients

We set up various collaborations to allow doctors an optimal follow-up of patients. Thanks to alloMed, patients benefit from fast and flexible care. Our growing network is always designed for the well-being and good care of patients.

The alloMed network

How can I become an alloMed partner as a healthcare professional?

We are studying any proposal that can improve our services, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Benefits for nurses & pharmacists

Thanks to our teleconsultation trolley, patient care by health professionals, nursing office or pharmacy, is easy, ready to use and mobile.

Patients can be taken care of by you, the health professionals, in order to put them in teleconsultation with a doctor in a secure and privatized place. 

This allows a significant reduction in health costs, both for insurance and for patients who often have very high deductibles. According to our calculations, invoices will be up to 50% cheaper than an office consultation. You will be able to help doctors remotely thanks to the gestures you can practice such as:

Of course, these gestures can only be performed if you can do them and can only be billed if they are delegated by the doctor. 

Thanks to our application, you have patients who come for an assisted teleconsultation and who will surely need a follow-up by nurses or medication.


alloMed allows a development in the skills of care teams, cooperation between health professionals, early care, easier access to care.

Benefits for Doctors

  • Fill your agenda and get more patients
  • Be part of a health group
  • Benefit from the strength of the medical network
  • Benefit from the concentration of activity in one place; all necessary prectiptions
  • Benefit from the support of health insurance companies
  • Billing throughout Switzerland
  • Travel saving, work from wherever you want
  • Take advantage of an extension of medical procedures by an online health partner
  • Visibility and transparency throughout Switzerland
  • Take advantage of our mobile application system to declare your availability and offer local care to patients
  • Enjoy patient notes professionally and internally on the allomed mobile and web application
  • Help reduce healthcare costs by avoiding the price of a translator and offer your consultations in the languages you speak
  • Offer your consultation services to Swiss policyholders abroad

We set up various collaborations to allow optimal follow-up of patients. Follow our development.

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