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Since our starting, Medipole believes that medical care is a must for patients and doctors.

To be assisted as a patient is so much appreciated especially when we do not feel good and for doctors working with a para-medical health professional in CTA will help a lot to get the right diagnosis 

What is an assisted medical center?

You can get treatment from a medical professional in the Medgate Mini Clinic for a number of medical issues – without long waiting times. Come in for a previously booked appointment or just walk in to see us. If required, we can set up a video link with a alloMed doctor, in which test results can be sent in real time.

How a CTA consultation works

Find the nearest CTA in your area

on your phone inside alloMed application, you can find the nearest CTA to your location, you can click on it, fix directly an appointment for your better convenience.

You can go to the CTA for your consultation.

A medical health professional will take care of you and organize the télémédicine call with the required doctor’s specialty.

During the consulation

The health professional will follow the doctor’s instructions to do all necessary required steps in order to get a sharp end exact diagnosis.

End of medical consultation

The doctor will conclude the diagnosis and advise treatment or ask for blood analysis or x-ray ..etc, if not he will give you a medical prescription and treatment

How do I pay for a consultation?

A consultation at the CTA will be billed under the statutory benefits provided by your health insurance directly from the doctor, just like a visit to the doctor in a practice, and it is recognized by all Swiss health insurers.

Find your Location

Mini Clinic Basel

Anfos Apotheke, Aeschenvorstadt 48, 4051 Basel

Any questions?

A medical professional will see to you at the allomed Mini Clinic without prior notice or long wait times. If required, we can set up a video link with a alloMed Tele Clinic doctor. You will thus always receive medical treatment from a doctor if necessary.


If you need medication for treatment, you will receive an electronic prescription which you can fill in the pharmacy of your choice. If the alloMed Mini Clinic is in a pharmacy, you can save time by picking up your medication on site. Alternatively, you can have medications sent directly to your home by a mail-order pharmacy.


We can offer all laboratory tests via our external laboratory partner – ranging from iron levels, liver function and kidney function tests, thyroid levels or other hormone tests through to very specific tests.


It normally takes two days until blood work results come in. Depending on the test, it may take up to five days.


Thanks to our interdisciplinary team of medical professionals, general practitioners and specialists, we can fully treat most medical conditions. However, if treatment by a specialist is required, a alloMed doctor will be happy to make the appropriate referral.


Yes. The allomed Mini Clinic can also carry out vaccinations.


A consultation at the Mini Clinic will be billed under the statutory benefits provided by your health insurance, just like a visit to the doctor in a practice, and it is recognized by all Swiss health insurers.


The alloMed Mini Clinic Basel does not offer coronavirus tests. Please contact the test centre of the Anfos pharmacy for this.


For all concerns, we are very happy to accept walk-ins. You can avoid long waiting times by booking an appointment in advance, however.


A variety of medical issues can be treated promptly in the alloMed Mini Clinic, ranging from general medical symptoms to specialist areas.


Yes, the Mini Clinic is registered and licensed as a doctor’s practice. We are not, however, a typical doctor’s practice. Our Mini Clinic doctors are not physically present. Instead, they are connected via video call. Our range of services is the same as that of a regular primary care practice. Our alloMed specialists also allow us to offer more specialized treatments – all under one roof.


You can visit the alloMed Mini Clinic at any time for existing health issues. We provide comprehensive, long-term care, just like a primary care physician. As of yet, however, there is no insurance model that permits the alloMed Mini Clinic to be permanently set as your primary care physician.

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